How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home

How To Cut Your Own Hair At HomeWhen you are busy,

whether it be working out of the house or chasing after your toddler, scheduling time to get a professional haircut is next to impossible. Add to that the not so cleanly hair salons on the rise as well as the price. The home haircut is now the trend. If the thought of cutting your own hair is scarey, these helpful tips will help you take your first cut like a pro!

Get wet. It is significantly easier to cut hair that is wet, so start after your hair has just been shampooed. Use a wide-tooth comb to create a tangle-free head of hair. Some hair starts to dry within minutes of the hir hitting it, so keep a spray bottle of water within arms reach. You can dampen your hair as often as you need to during your first haircut.

Get sharp. The best way to cut hair is with a pair of scissors that are sharp and easy to use. This is essential in cutting hair rather than pulling hair. If you plan on keeping your haircuts at home, you should purchase a pair of scissors that a professional salon would use. In fact, you should also invest in shears or clippers, which will come in handy and give your hair that “just out of the barber” evenness.

Take it slow. If this is your first attempt to cut your own tresses, do not rush the Female viagra job. Take your time and cut a little bit at a time.

Keep it simple. If you have visions of the layered look in mind for your first home haircut, think again. Just concentrate on getting your hair trim and all one length. Also, don’t grab too much hair in a section at a time. Keep the hair sections small. First, you need to comb your hair out straight from the scalp. Hold on to that section, putting it between your index ad middle fingers. Once you know your desired length, take the scissors and carefully snip off the extra hair. Keep this pattern going until you have completed your haircut.

Different strokes for different folks. If you have curly hair, you will want to proceed with this in mind. Cut the hair in longer sections because the curls “curl” up a lot when they dry. This is important because the hair texture can cause it to bend when hitting the blade of the scissors. Again, take it slow, cutting longer sections each time.

How did you do? The best way to measure the success of your

first haircut is to see if the opposites attract. In other words, grab sections of hair from the left and the right side and see if they evenly hit your eyes, nose, and chin. You can always cut and trim uneven lengths if you should need to do so.

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  1. I am very busy in my daily routine and i have no time to get professional hair cut.Thanks for sharing this useful tips with us to cut hair at home.

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